Trade Signals

We have created a second bot that users can add to their server and receive Trading Signals alerts as well as Exchange Listing alerts for both Kucoin and Binance.
Don't have the time to be looking at charts all day?
Not sure when to open or close a trade?
Then why not take advantage of HODL. Signals built-in trading algorithm that can notify you of good buy/sell opportunities for a crypto asset?
We currently have three subscription types to choose from all of which are billed monthly. We have signals for BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, LTC/USDT, ATOM/USDT, LINK/USDT & XRP/USDT.
Trading Signals are provided by a second bot that you will need to add to your server alongside HODL. you can invite the bot here --> INVITE HODL. SIGNALS
Once added then just type /subscribe to get started. Any questions simply join our Discord:

Getting Started

Gives you information about our subscriptions and how to sign up.
IMPORTANT STEP: Once you have successfully subscribed you will need to link your discord server to your subscription by using this command.

Configuration Commands

There will be images below to help with this process and guide you.
/channel [ pair ] [ role mention ] Example: /channel btc/usdt @users
Set the channel, pair, and role you want to mention when a new signal comes in, note the @everyone role does not work well at this time.
/listings [ role mention ] Example: /listings @users
Sets the channel and role to mention for our exchange listing alerts.
Sets the channel for the signals results to get posted in.
/swap [ pair from ] [ pair to ] Example: /swap btc/usdt eth/usdt
If you set a pair you no longer want, you can swap it out for one of our other pairs. Just run this command in the channel you previously set up.
Choose the pair and role to mention you want.
The bot will give you options so it is easier to set up.
Setting a channel for Exchange Listings.
Swapping your signals from one to another.
Example of our Exchange Listings Alerts.