Crypto Commands

Here is a guide to using our crypto commands which would also be our most popular set of commands.
The majority of our commands are very straightforward to use however, some people do need further assistance with some commands such as how to properly use charts, we have added a page that goes into more details about how to use our chart commands which can be found by clicking Here. For further assistance, you can check out our visual guides or join our discord to test Hodl. Bot out before you add it to your own server.
Text surrounded by [ ] are required inputs for the command to work and text surrounded by < > is optional.
/c [ pair ] <timeframe> <indicator> Example: /c btcusd 1h rsi
Responds with an up-to-date Tradingview chart for the requested pair and optional timeframe and indicator.
/info [ symbol ] Example: /info atom
Get's information about a specified Coin or Token, as long as it is listed on token trackers such as CoinGecko.
Replies with an image of today's "Fear & Greed Index" by
Get's the most up-to-date estimated Eth gas fees.
/price [ exchange ] [pair, separated by / ] Example: /p binance btc/usdt
Replies with the current price of a pair on a specified exchange. *A common mistake people do is use USD instead of USDT, please remember trading in FIAT pairs isn't always available for most pairs.
/qp [ symbol ] Example: /qp btc
Get's the current global average price of a coin/token in $USD, similar to the info command but shows less data.
Shows information about our premium trading signals features and how to invite Hodl. Signals
Get's the current top trending Coins/Tokens right now on CoinGecko.
Example using /c command
Response from the above example.
Examples of /fg and /gas commands
Examples of /info and /qp commands.