Crypto Price Alerts

Here you can find a guide on how to use our price alert commands, there will also be images posted in Visual Guides to further help with running these commands successfully.
We recently asked members of our Discord if they would like to swap the exchange specific price Alerts for global average price alerts, the response was mixed so we now have both. You can now set price alerts for coins/tokens listed on CoinGecko.
/alert [ exchange ] [ pair ] [ price ] Exchange Specific Example: /alert binance btc/usdt 50000 Global Average Example: /alert global average btc 50000
Sets a Price alert for any pair available on the exchanges currently compatible with the bot or you can now set global price alerts for tokens listed on CoinGecko.
Fetches all your alerts currently set in the server that you are in, max alerts are 6 per user per server.
/stopalert [ alert id ]
Will delete unwanted price alerts by the alert ID which can be found when you run the myalerts command.
When you run the /alert command, you will first be given a choice of which exchange or you can choose global average for all other tokens if not listed on one of the exchange options.
Using Global Average, you only need the coin/token Symbol.
Using Exchange Specific Alerts, you MUST split the trading pair using / like btc/usdt in the above image.
Setting the price is the same for both methods.
Add thats it, BTC price alert now set.
There are additional optional settings for our Premium Subscribers, users who run trading groups will find this especially beneficial. - Change who the bot mentions when your Alert is triggered. Choice of roles within your server. [Do not choose the @everyone role] Default the bot will mention the person who set the alert. - Add a message when setting your alert, remind yourself why you set it or alert your members why you set this alert.
Choosing a Role to mention once the Alert is triggered.
Adding a message for you and your community when the Alert Triggers.