Our premium commands are for server owners/admins, upgrade your HODL.Bot experience with even more commands that will set your server apart from other servers.

Our premium subscriptions will not only unlock more commands for you and your community to enjoy but you will also be helping to support our bot by helping to cover server costs and additional costs we incur in providing this service, so thank you!

Please note our premium commands are in early development, there will be a lot more added over time, if you wish to stay updated on the progress of our premium commands please join our Discord by Clicking Here. We have a promotional offer of 50% off (€2.50 Monthly Subscription instead of €5.00 full price) for the first 100 servers to sign up.

First Steps



Will provide you with a link to subscribe to HODL.Bot premium, please only sign up when you have run this command yourself as the link generated is for payment is specific to that user.


IMPORTANT STEP: Once you have successfully subscribed, run this command to link your server to your subscription.

Premium Commands - Live Now

These are the commands that are currently live as part of our premium package, there is a lot more to come and all current subscribers will automatically get new features as they're added.



Will set the channel you ran the command in to automatically post the daily updated Fear and Greed command every 24 hours.


Will stop the automated feed of the Fear and Greed index.

/track [Token Symbol] Example: .track btc

Will create a locked voice channel in your discord that will track the price of whatever you set it to. Token/coin must be listed on CoinGecko.

/alert [ exchange ] [ price ] [ role mention] [ message ] Example: /alert binance btc/usdt 40000 @users "buy now"

Unlock added options to change who the bot mentions when a price alert is triggered to a role and add a message for your community. More info Crypto Price Alerts

Planned Commands

We have plans to add more automation tools to help automate our most used features in your discord, We will add auto feeds for your Favorite Charts, Today's Trending Tokens, Whale Alert Notifications, and much more.

Please note that this is only a starting point for HODL.Bot Premium, there will be constant updates that will be rolled out to all current subscriptions.

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