About Us

HODL Bot Services Limited.


Our developer Bosco has been investing in cryptocurrencies since January 2018 and has a passion for the space, Bosco has since worked with several projects over that period helping to grow their discord communities as well as offering advice on how to run and maintain a safe space for their communities. He has no background in development and was actually an electrician prior to the first covid outbreak where he found himself temporarily laid off while the pandemic was at its worst, he took this as a sign to learn some basic coding skills and from there he created HODL. Bot.


Our developer Bosco had made a couple of basic bots and was improving his skills by the time he decided to create HODL. Bot on Aug 30, 2020, at this point HODL. Bot was still very much a basic discord bot with a couple of commands to get token prices and token information. As Bosco's skills improved he learned to add commands such as Charts and an automated News Feed. Overtime Bosco and HODL. Bot has gotten much better and at time of writing HODL. Bot is now server over 11,700 Discord servers with a total member count of 5.1m and growing daily.


Our vision here at Hodl Bot Services Limited is to grow HODL. Bot to be a staple in any cryptocurrency Discord server and a user-friendly experience for all that use it. We hope that our bot can not only be fun to use but also educational to users that are new to the space. Our ultimate goal is for HODL. Bot to become the go-to Crypto Discord bot and become the most popularly used crypto bot on Discord.


Although Hodl. Bot has been around since August 2020 our company ("Hodl Bot Services Limited") was only formed in February of 2022, the reason being up until that point Hodl. Bot was more of a hobby for our developer with no monetization involved with the bot, this year we have decided to add some premium content to our bot that users can subscribe to and hence needed to form a company to legitimize those monetization efforts.

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