NFT Commands

We have just recently added a section for NFT commands within the bot, right now we do only have one command but we plan to expand on this over time.

When using our rarity checker, please note the NFT must be listed on Rarity Sniper, Please type the full NFT collection name like in the image below, there is no need to put multiple words together or add - instead of spaces. Example: /nft mutant ape yacht club 6957 You can use this command in DM's with the bot so you do not have to dox your wallet address in a public channel.


/nft [ Full NFT collection name ] [ ID ] Example: /nft hape prime 7808

Our bot is able to grab any NFT's rarity as long as the collection is listed on Rarity Sniper.

/nft-info [ Full NFT collection name ] Example: /nft bored ape yacht club

Will grab information about the NFT collection, some collections will show more info than others such as Chain, Contract Address, Supply, and Floor Price.

How to run /nft command....

How to run /nft-info command

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